Monday, June 29, 2009

Cycling from Telok Intan to Shah Alam & Kajang

26-6-09 t0 28-6-09
A good friend of mine Linga @ Ravi meet on the way to Shah Alam. He is in Sekinchan. He has harvesting machines and a few lot of rice fields. He full time job is farmer. He has great friends, I met a few of them are friendly and good drinker.

The night after a welcoming party I slept with his friends house, where more of his workers are staying. He get a hotel for me earlier but I choose to sleep here with my tent

Me on top of one of the machine he own.
Road sign on the way to Shah Alam
Ng Hai Tiang very famous man and popular man in Sabak Bernam and Sitiawan, He is my childhood friend. We live a small town in West of Perak a cowboy town call Kuala Kurau. We grew up in this town at the age of 7 years old. I left at the age of 13 to Nibong Tebal and he left the age of 21 to Sitiawan to work in a plantation. After that I did not meet him. The next I meet him was in 1989. It was his mother's 80th birthday. And now in 2009 we meet the second time.
Hg Hai Tiang and family lives in Taman Sentosa, Sabak Bernam. He has 6 children are grow up and taking care of his Father's business.

Big Boss with this happy family.
Evening we went out for a drinks and were talking about out old days unforgettable stories. I stay a night at his house and left to Sekinchan the next day.
The temple priest in Sabak Bernam where I stay a night.

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