Saturday, June 20, 2009

Start Cycling around Malaysia 22.6.09

Today Sunday a cyclist from Austria come to my house. I will be cycling with him to Taiping and Ipoh. He will cycle to to Kuala Lumpur from Ipoh and I will cycle to Lumut. All my things are pack and ready to leave tomorow morning. My first stop in Taiping and will meet some Hash members and my former staff in TNB. I will stay in a friends house or Camp in Taiping lake a night. Any one interested to meet me call me 0194754622. I will tell where I am staying. If there is no answer Please Massage because I can't hear the ring sound while I am cycling.

Hash House Harrier Parit Buntar

Cycling to Ipoh from Taiping
We reach Taiping at 5.00pm, We had shaver at the toilet at the lake garden. We went to town and have dinner. I introduce some Chinese food. I send up my camp with the help of my Austria friend. He use a sleeping bag.

Morning we had roti canai with eggs
Road to Ipoh.

We are heading to Ipoh to meet a friendly man name Hj.Hamdan. I met him once with a Iran cyclist in my house. He is will host us a night. As we were cycling near Ipoh we meet two cyclist from USA. They start from Kuala Kangsar, they cycling from Bangkok. We had a small chat and cycle together to Ipoh.
Met two cycliist from USA going to Ipoh.
I told Hj.Hamdan I meet him at the Ipoh Railway Station. But he to came to meet us at Task town before Ipoh. We four of us followed Hj.Hamdan's car to his house to Gunong Rapat about 20km from Task town. I cycle nearly 100km the 2rd day. The first day was 70km.
Here in Hj.Hamdan's house we met his friedly wife and a sweet looking son. We wash our self and went for our dinner with Hj.Hamdan.

Hj. Hamdan and the cyclist from Ipoh with cyclist from USA and Austria
At the dinner a Malaysia cyclist came to see me and the rest of us. He have cycle in some European countries. And give me some tips.
The next I cycle to visit my good friend in Malin Nawar name Muruli Menon, sad to hear that he die six month ago. I left Malin Nawar and went Kampar where I meet a old friend name Ramu. We use to badminton for TNB a few years back. Slept in his house and left to Telok Intan the next day. It was a nice day cycling to Telok Intan I did 60 km. Took launch in a famous Krishan Restaurant and its like Malay food cook by Malay and sell by India and eat by Chinese, Malay and Indians. This is Real Malaysian Restaurant.

Road to Teluk Intan

Old Clock Tower of Telok Intan still standing tall

Evening I went round T.Intan town to some picture near the river and the ,sun set

Night I slept in a Indian Temple in Telok Intan. The care taker of the temple ask for my I.C and keep in until the next day.

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