Monday, June 29, 2009

Cycling from Telok Intan to Shah Alam & Kajang

26-6-09 t0 28-6-09
A good friend of mine Linga @ Ravi meet on the way to Shah Alam. He is in Sekinchan. He has harvesting machines and a few lot of rice fields. He full time job is farmer. He has great friends, I met a few of them are friendly and good drinker.

The night after a welcoming party I slept with his friends house, where more of his workers are staying. He get a hotel for me earlier but I choose to sleep here with my tent

Me on top of one of the machine he own.
Road sign on the way to Shah Alam
Ng Hai Tiang very famous man and popular man in Sabak Bernam and Sitiawan, He is my childhood friend. We live a small town in West of Perak a cowboy town call Kuala Kurau. We grew up in this town at the age of 7 years old. I left at the age of 13 to Nibong Tebal and he left the age of 21 to Sitiawan to work in a plantation. After that I did not meet him. The next I meet him was in 1989. It was his mother's 80th birthday. And now in 2009 we meet the second time.
Hg Hai Tiang and family lives in Taman Sentosa, Sabak Bernam. He has 6 children are grow up and taking care of his Father's business.

Big Boss with this happy family.
Evening we went out for a drinks and were talking about out old days unforgettable stories. I stay a night at his house and left to Sekinchan the next day.
The temple priest in Sabak Bernam where I stay a night.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Start Cycling around Malaysia 22.6.09

Today Sunday a cyclist from Austria come to my house. I will be cycling with him to Taiping and Ipoh. He will cycle to to Kuala Lumpur from Ipoh and I will cycle to Lumut. All my things are pack and ready to leave tomorow morning. My first stop in Taiping and will meet some Hash members and my former staff in TNB. I will stay in a friends house or Camp in Taiping lake a night. Any one interested to meet me call me 0194754622. I will tell where I am staying. If there is no answer Please Massage because I can't hear the ring sound while I am cycling.

Hash House Harrier Parit Buntar

Cycling to Ipoh from Taiping
We reach Taiping at 5.00pm, We had shaver at the toilet at the lake garden. We went to town and have dinner. I introduce some Chinese food. I send up my camp with the help of my Austria friend. He use a sleeping bag.

Morning we had roti canai with eggs
Road to Ipoh.

We are heading to Ipoh to meet a friendly man name Hj.Hamdan. I met him once with a Iran cyclist in my house. He is will host us a night. As we were cycling near Ipoh we meet two cyclist from USA. They start from Kuala Kangsar, they cycling from Bangkok. We had a small chat and cycle together to Ipoh.
Met two cycliist from USA going to Ipoh.
I told Hj.Hamdan I meet him at the Ipoh Railway Station. But he to came to meet us at Task town before Ipoh. We four of us followed Hj.Hamdan's car to his house to Gunong Rapat about 20km from Task town. I cycle nearly 100km the 2rd day. The first day was 70km.
Here in Hj.Hamdan's house we met his friedly wife and a sweet looking son. We wash our self and went for our dinner with Hj.Hamdan.

Hj. Hamdan and the cyclist from Ipoh with cyclist from USA and Austria
At the dinner a Malaysia cyclist came to see me and the rest of us. He have cycle in some European countries. And give me some tips.
The next I cycle to visit my good friend in Malin Nawar name Muruli Menon, sad to hear that he die six month ago. I left Malin Nawar and went Kampar where I meet a old friend name Ramu. We use to badminton for TNB a few years back. Slept in his house and left to Telok Intan the next day. It was a nice day cycling to Telok Intan I did 60 km. Took launch in a famous Krishan Restaurant and its like Malay food cook by Malay and sell by India and eat by Chinese, Malay and Indians. This is Real Malaysian Restaurant.

Road to Teluk Intan

Old Clock Tower of Telok Intan still standing tall

Evening I went round T.Intan town to some picture near the river and the ,sun set

Night I slept in a Indian Temple in Telok Intan. The care taker of the temple ask for my I.C and keep in until the next day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Received Some Invitations From Europe

1. Hello David
Good to heare from you, and what a news, are you really coming to switzerland?For sure i have a bed for you any time...Just let me now, when you coming.Iam living on the lake constanz that allso builds the boarder to germany.iam allso planing small cycling tour,around switzerland in july. so i would be happy if you can tell me when you plan to com to adresse: Bettina LeutholdRoggwilerstrasse 189315 Winden Thurgau 0041 (0)71 477 26 16hope to see you soon.
Good that you become my e-mail, beceause i also had this problem with the wrong adress, but now its good.thats very good you becom the bîke from you austrien friend. i have one big map from europe, and i have very good maps from switzerland, and i can look for my old maps from my trip in europe. iam looking forward to see you. i will show you the alps, with the cheesfaktory and everything. i have vagances to 12.08.09 . so when you com,end of july, we will have a few days to show you around.see you

2. Hi David
Nice to hear from you! I will be in Munchen, Germany untill mid September and then I will go to Englad (Nottingham) so if you want to pass by Munchen or Nottingham (depending of the date) you are more than welcomed.My mobile number is: +49(0)17682126208 and the house numner is +49-89470454. The address here is "Neherstrasse 7, 81675 Munchen" but you must let me know in advance when you are comming since I travel quite often around germany and I might not be home!I wish you all the best and hope to see you soonYara Jaffe

3. Hi Munusamy!
The member gabrychat from Białystok, Podlaskie, Poland sent you this message from the Hospitality Club website:
It's so nice you'll be in Europe this year! :D I bet you'll enjoy it as I have enjoyed Asia. I live in Wroclaw now so if you happen to be somewhere near here, I will be more than happy to meet you. Just send me an e-mail, ok? :
D Take care! Gabriel

4. Hi David
I always read your blog for know about your cycling and where your next destination you want to cycling. On your blog, you will cycling around Malaysia start on 20 June 2009 until 10 July 2009. I will waiting you when you stop at Chukai Town in Kemaman, Terengganu.
I hope you inform to me when you at Chukai Town.
My H/Phone No: 013-9441454 ( Azura )
You can rest at my home before you go to next destination.

5. Hi David
Good to hear from you again.When are you planning to arrive in England? I am away cycling during August and also away in September.Let me have the dates and where you are going to arrive in England - we live in Derby which is in the centre of England. Our telephone number from in the UK is 01332 550010
Take care Bob

6. Hi David
!Its Andreas the Swedish cyclist who stayed with you together with Bettina. Cool that you will come to Europe. If you come to Sweden your always welcome to stay with me. At the moment i live at my mothers apartment 30km south of Stockholm its not so big but there's room for sure. I will work quite a lot thissummer and unfortunately don't have any vacation but i have some daysof now and then and even if i work you can always stay at my place.Just let me know when and if you will come to Sweden. My address is:Andreas SöhrVårstavägen 21c14770 GrödingeSwedenWe have 3 extra characters in our Swedish alphabet so if the address above looks strange use this oneAndreas SohrVarstavagen 21c14770 GrodingeSwedenMy home phone number is +46 8 53025885 and my mobile is +46 73 5966664 Tack care and hopefully see you soon Andreas

7. Hi David,
Nice to hear from you! So, you will soon cycle in Europe, good! I am not in Italy anymore, I moved in the south of France, a small village called Revel near Toulouse. So, if I am not wrong you might pass here before going to Spain. During the summer we will move around, but write me the date of your arrival here. If we are here it will be a big pleasure to host you. good luck for everything Pamela p.s In Italy you can contact Simone and Chiara of cyclowns They should be there.

8. Hi,
Where are u now. Pls do come to Ipoh. Best nasi kandar for u and family. Call me 012 5364248.
Hamdan.................Mohamad (Iran)

9. Hallo David,
we are very glad expecting you in our home.
This is our adress:
Lilia & Georg Pieper
97944 Boxberg
Tel: (0049)(0)79302535
Please phone in advance because for some weeks we are not at home. Definitely we are absent during the second week in August and the third week in September. At the 14. of November we fly to Kunming in China. (May be we see you some month later in Malaysia.)
Our home is located about 45 km South of Wuerzburg in the south of Germany and you can reach it easily by a cycling road.
If you need some information about cycling in Germany we can help you. Germany is extremely good for cycling because we have a lot of roads specially for cyclists like in Holland, Switzerland, Austria and some more countries. Don't use the main roads. It is very dangerous because of the heavy traffic.
When you have no places to stay privately stay in youth hostels, in Germany we say Jugendherberge. Hotels all over Europa are very expensive in comparison to South-East-Asia.
If you want we can send you a map online. So it is easier to find uns.
For the moment we say good by
Lilia and Georg

10. Hi David,
I'm Hervé, the French cyclist who left his bike and bags to your home. Great that you come to Europe, I know this dream is important for you. And now you can to do it. If you come west of France, I'm living near Saint Nazaire and Nantes, but I should be at home until end of august. On september first, I have a flight to Australia and Darwin to continue my world trip. Let me know by mail what is your plan. I wish you all the best and a wonderful trip to Europe.

11. Hello David
My wife and me will be very enjoyed to receive you at our home when you'll ride in France. Our adress is Jean-Michel et Valérie Paoletti
1 rue d'Azay Le Rideau
37130 Lignières de Touraine
It's 25km west from Tours , centre of France.
Our phone number is: 02 47 96 56 91 or 06 98 10 95 96
Best wishes
Jean-Michel and Valérie

Hello David

My wife and me will be very enjoyed to receive you at our home when you'll ride in France. Our adress is Jean-Michel et Valérie Paoletti
1 rue d'Azay Le Rideau
37130 Lignières de Touraine
It's 25km west from Tours , centre of France.
Our phone number is: 02 47 96 56 91 or 06 98 10 95 96

Best wishes
Jean-Michel and Valérie
hey david !glad to hear from you and to see that yr next plan is to cycle through europe. i wish you good and safe trip there. usually, i m leaving in france, exactly in the city of lyon (middle est of that country). i could welcome you in my place but i won t be back before the begginning of 2010. please let me know when you re around. even if i m not there i ve some friends that can help you in lyon.all the bestclement

Where do I start cyling in Europe

Mail send to Switzerland Cyclist
Hi, I will be landing in Switzerland before 25.7.09. And meet you at your house, I will plan my cycling route with you. I like to know can I buy a used bicycle in your place or is better to bring my bike with me. I use for 3 months only. Is that ok I plan my trip with you. Maybe takes 3 or 4 days. My plan is to start in switzerland, North Italy, South France, North Spain, West France, North France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, ( Norway and Swedan 0 not by bike) Poland, Czech, Austria, Hungary and back Switzerland. Do you think this plan is Ok. Thanks (My new Blogger)

From Kuala Lumpur I will fly with my Bicycle to London or Switzerland. I am waiting for information from my cyclist friends about my plan, they know better about cycling routes in Europe. I leave the plans to them. Most properly I will fly before 25.7.2009 and back before winter in (octerber)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cycling around Malaysia for Donation

I have cycle in Asean Countries, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Jawa, Indonesia, South India and Beijing, China for last 6 years. Using my own pocket money and my own annual leave from my Company and bit of donation from my close friends. Now I am going to cycle in Europe not less than 10 countries. It's my long time dream to meet all my cyclist in Europe who have been to my place in Malaysia. I have some money with me but you know its very expensive so I have get some contribution from my friends.
My plans to got donation,
I will be cycling around Malaysia from North to South and South East coast to North East of Malaysia on 20.6.2009 until 10.6.09. I will try my best to meet has many friends as possible. I will stay a night in all major towns and see my friends on the way. I plan to stop in Taiping, Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh, Kampar, Batu Gajah, Pantai Remai, Lumut, Bagan Datuk, Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Klang, K.Lumpur, Kajang, Seremban, Port Dickson, Melaka, Segamat, Batu Pahat, Pontian, Skudai, Johor Baru, Singapore, Padang Endau, K.Rompin, Pekan, Kuantan, Cukai, Paka, Dungun, Marang, Kuala Terengganu, Bandar Permaisuri, K.Besut, Kota Bahru, Tanah Merah, Jeli, Grik, Kelian Intan,Baling, Kuala Nerang, Alor Star, Gurun, Sungai Petani, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam, Kulim, Parit Buntar and Nibong Tebal.

You can send donation to this address:

Name : Munusamy Reddie A/L Sinnappan
I/C No: 530502085533
Home address:
59, Jalan Bangau Dua, Taman Minamah,
Nibong Tebal. 14300,
Penang, Malaysia.
Account No : 107161885381 (Maybank)
Issuing Branch: Prai Industrail Esta, Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.

Contact - David Munusamy Reddie
E-mail -
House Address:
59, Jalan Bangau Dua,
Taman Minamah,
Nibong Tebal 14300, Penang,
H/P - 0194754622

Web-site and Blocks


Hi all Friends,
How are you and where are you? Still enjoying on the road. Its very very long time we were apart. Its was a very good memories you left behind. And now I am coming to Europe and like to meet all my cyclist friends and some backpackers. It's a long time dream for me to meet you again. If you are not around its OK as you know I have many cyclist friends in Europe. I can see who ever is around.
I am retire from my job I have more time but less money. The most I can stay with you is two or three days only. Because I have many cyclist to visit and must be back before winter and also very expensive for me. My next cycling trip will be Canada and USA.
I need your House address and phone number. My first stop will be in England and prepare or plan which countries to start cycle first. The countries I Plan to bike, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway,
I am looking for sponsors in Malaysia and some good friends to support me with my financial problem. I need your support too, I only need about 20 euros from each friends,
If you are interested you can send to me direct to my bank account.
Thank you very much and Hope to see you all soon. From David.