Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where do I start cyling in Europe

Mail send to Switzerland Cyclist
Hi, I will be landing in Switzerland before 25.7.09. And meet you at your house, I will plan my cycling route with you. I like to know can I buy a used bicycle in your place or is better to bring my bike with me. I use for 3 months only. Is that ok I plan my trip with you. Maybe takes 3 or 4 days. My plan is to start in switzerland, North Italy, South France, North Spain, West France, North France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, ( Norway and Swedan 0 not by bike) Poland, Czech, Austria, Hungary and back Switzerland. Do you think this plan is Ok. Thanks
http://cyclingineuropejuly2009.blogspot.com/ (My new Blogger)

From Kuala Lumpur I will fly with my Bicycle to London or Switzerland. I am waiting for information from my cyclist friends about my plan, they know better about cycling routes in Europe. I leave the plans to them. Most properly I will fly before 25.7.2009 and back before winter in (octerber)

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