Friday, July 3, 2009

Shah Alam to Kajang

28-6-09 I start cycling to Shah Alam did 90km, On the way I drop by to see my 3th daughter in Tanjong Karang. She is working as a nurse in a hospital. I reach Kuala Selangor by lunch time. I took the road to Klang and came to Shah Alam. The traffic is to much and drivers are fast., Maybe this the first time and the last time I will be using this fly over roads. Here in Shah Alam I stay in my 3th sister' house.

My cycling route to Kajang from Sekichan

Land Hero - Dato'Hasan Nawawi Abd.Rahman
3.7.09 - Morning before I left to Seramban I have chance to meet our First Malaysian to cycle around the World. I know him a bit when I start cycling in 2003. I went to his office in Kajang where he wants to meet me. We had a small decision about my cycling trip and I had some good advice from him. Later he presented me a book he wrote in 2003.

Mr.Y.S Lee & wife from Saujana Impian, Kajang.
Mr. Lee comes to know me in 2008 though new paper. He and his wife come to my house for a visit in Nibong Tebal. Mr Lee is very interested in traveling by bike by his job is blocking him to do so. When he heard I am in Kajang cycling he contacted me and invited me to his house. I had a good dinner with family in his house. He name me as Cycling Ambassador of Malaysia after reading my guest book.

Bowling competition for Component Barisan Nasional Partys
Evening my 3th brother Aru to me to bowling championship where he introduce me to some MIC officers and branch Leaders.
With help of MIC bahagian Lulu Langat they raise donation RM.1000 for my cycling tour in Europe. Thanks to all who help to raise the fund.

Dato' Johan (Ketua Bag,Lulu Langat) and Dato' Gopal Krishnan ( Ketua MIC Bhg,Hulu Langat)
Mr.Mahenderan (Timb.Setia Usaha Lulu Langat)won the 10th placing.

My 3th Sister' and Family
Morning after meeting Dato Hasan, I took the high way to Seramban, It was very hot no trees near by and fast traffics. So I think its better for me to use the old road to Seramban. I came out at Bangi exit, ask people I want to use the old road to Seramban. They showed the direction, after passing some hills and small roads I reach a town call Semenyih. And the sign shows 40km to Seramban and 9km to Kajang. It was hard day cycling and the time was 4.00pm. I went back to my sister's house in Kajang. Any way I promise Hash club I will leave my bike in Seramban and join their run on Saturday at 5.00m. So now plan is to cycle on Sunday to Malacca and to Muar and Singapore.

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