Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cycling Kajang to Johor Baru

I reach Muar about 6.30pm. I did 105km from Rantau. I was trying to get my Hash member name Mr. Murugam (MGR) in Muar. He is a very nice man and very active man in Hash club. He also had donate cash for my travel in South India in 2007. I miss him I really wanted to explain my financial situation to him before I fly to Europe.
I don't have much time so I took a bus to Johor Baru and stay in a friend's house.

The next day before I leave to Singapore I met a nice friendly man. He know"s me since last year from the Star new paper. He (Mr.Mohan) came to know that I am in Johor Baru. He gave a me call and wanted to meet me. I had a very wonderful evening with him in a restoran. He is very intrested in cycling. And we plan to cycle in South Thailand in December 2009.

I start cycling at 9.30am from Kajang to Rantau. I did 75 km. I set my camp in a India temple not far away from the town. I have to wake up at 4.oo am because the is a Indian wedding going on at 5.00am. I was a unaccepted guest for the wedding. They sever breakfast at 6.30am, after that Left Rantau to Muar.
A old bike shop on the way to Rantau.

The border from Malacca to Johor Baru.
The old Big trishaw around the border in Muar.

A food souvenir shop alone the road in Malacca to Muar

My way to from Malacca to Johor there many rambutan fruits on the tree. Nobody interested this rambutans. I ask a local guy on the road why there a many fruits on the tree, he said the price is cheap. And I see there are monkeys, they do not want rambutans.

In Malacca town the were having a Indian culture game competition.

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