Monday, September 14, 2009

Now I am in The Embassy of Malaysiain Belguim

Me and the Ambassador of Malaysia for Belgium. It was a very good opportunity to meet him. Very good to listen to his speech. I learn more about what embassy is all about. He explain how it operated very clearly and understandable. He appreciated me for cycling around Europe with our a Malaysian Flag. And he was very proud for what I am doing. I was talking with him in his office for more than one hour. Thanks to the ambassador for the time he spend for me.
I cycle to Bryxelles from Den Haag Delft, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Breds, Antwerpen, Burseel.

The Ambassador Dato'Husin Hanif and Me

The Staff at the Embassy contribute some donation for my travel. Thanks to all of them do reduce my financial problem.
Cyclist in Embassy have done cycling in Tibet a few years back. Very friendly and good joker.

Staff at the embassy En. Nik Mohd Adeeb, Che' Almaheera Abd.Ghani and Che'Nor Azli Azri

En. Lukman Adam the most funnies man around.

Friendly staffs at Embassy.
I attendant a buka puasa funtion in a Staff's house.


  1. One day i want to ride here ,nice road.Good luck Bro.

  2. Asslamualaikum!
    Selamat Hari Raya!
    How are you?
    Good Luck! I have meet with Malaysian embassey Belgium stuffs in Istanbul after Eid prayers,they are so friendly.
    Good Luck for you again!