Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now I am in Prague, Czech. Rep 25,8,09

Hi, to everyone, Now I in Prague in a cyclist house who came to Malaysia by bike last year. Here I have time to write on my blog. On 5th August I start to Bike from Switzerland Romanshorn, to Arbon, St. Martraten, Landquart, Saglians, Martina, Nauder and Reschenpass, next Italy Glorenga, Merana, Bozen or Bolzano, Bressanone, Vipiteno Sterzing, Brennerpass, next Austria, Innsburuck, Schwaz, Worgl, Kulstein, Raubiling, next Germany, Rosenheim, Wasserbury, Haag, Hoherminden, Schyaber, Feldkirchen, Isar, Tierpark in Munchen, And Munchen, Eching, Shweltenkirchen, Wolnzach, Siegenbury, Penting, Regensbury, Schwandorf, Schwarzenfeld, Nabbury, Werabery, Deindorf, Wiffschau, Bernrieth, Vohenstrauss, Weidhaus or Zoll, next Czech Rep, Bělž, Střibro, Plzeú, Zokzcauz, and Praha.

Map of Europe -Later

Europe is very challenging for me. Every thing is new for me, First the food, everyday I eat bread, I buy bread in supermarket is much cheaper than other place, I never been to restoran cause I cannot read the menu and order food and also very expensive.
Next the weather is very cool at night, And two nights I was wet in the rain. My trant is leaking, And three days I slept in the bus stop because there is no camping place. And Hotels are expensive.
And many people cannot speak English. I meet many nice and helpful people along my way.

Today is my 23 days in Europe and I have cycle 5 countries.
My plan is change. I am only cycling in few countries that is Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany,Czech Rep, Poland, North Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. I earlier plan to bike 16 countries. The main problem in Money, Every thing is very expensive, The lowers budget is Rm150 a day. Last week my bicycle carrier broken and replace it I have payed Rm250. Some camping site cost Rm75 for a night. The cheapers was Rm50 some places. For washing cloths and drying them Rm30.
I got flat and pay for a tube Rm35. Once I took a train because there is tunnel where by you cannot cycle in the tunnel. I pay Rm300 for me and my bike. Its about 1 hr journey.
So far I have done about 1000km. I am slow than normal cause there were many hills, I have to push up all the time. And time for setting and unsetting the trent for the camp site takes about 2hrs.

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